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June 7, 2021

#117: Let Go To Grow with Trent Shelton

You’re allowed to break up with your dreams. Sometimes letting go is the only way we can grow and go on to be successful.


In today’s episode, we are talking with Trent Shelton, former NFL player, author, and international motivational speaker. Considered as one of the most groundbreaking motivational speakers of our era, Trent has touched millions with his words on self-worth, self-love, and recognizing your greatness.


After his short-lived and rocky stint in the NFL, Trent had the opportunity to speak at a church event back home in 2011, and his world changed forever. After a sensational performance, it was undeniable to the audience and Trent that he found his purpose through inspiring others to live better lives. He started creating YouTube videos with his words of wisdom and courage, which went viral. Before he knew it, Trent was speaking across the globe and packing arenas from New York, to London and Fiji, and reaching over 50 million people across his social channels.


In today’s episode, we discuss Trent’s time in the NFL, what it was like pivoting to something completely new and how he was mentally able to let go of a failed dream.  We also discuss how it can get lonely at the top, when to walk away from relationships and we go deep on some timely social justice issues of today.


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00:49 - Trent’s Experience in the NFL

02:30 - How Trent’s Identify Was Morphed By the NFL

04:16 - Why Suppression Leads to Depression

06:49 - The Importance of Asking For Help

09:18 - How To Help Others

11:31 - The Way Trent’s Career in the NFL Ended

13:29 - Trent’s Purpose and How He Discovered It 

16:30 - How Trent Got His Intro to Speaking

21:07 - The Way Trent Mentally Pivoted

24:49 - How Trent’s Community Reacted to His Decision

26:24 - Why The People Closest To Us React Differently To Success

31:22 - Trent’s Thoughts on Being Lonely as an Influencer

33:22 - How You Know When It’s Time to Walk Away From a Relationship

36:06 - Trent’s Recipe to Get Over Pain

41:25 - Discussion of Using Platform for Social Justice Movements 

48:10 - Trent’s Secret to Profiting in Life 


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