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February 28, 2022

#159: Conscious Business with Ryan Blair

Have you ever wanted to start a business, but felt like you lacked the proper resources? Good news: you already have all that you need!  This week on YAP we’re chatting with Ryan Blair, a massively successful entrepreneur, author, and spiritualist.  While Ryan’s accomplishments are incredibly impressive on their own, they’re even more shocking when you learn about his backstory. He grew up in an abusive household that drove him to criminal activity from a very early age, dropping out of high school after his freshman year.  Ryan’s story is all about LEARNING how to become profitable, even when life deals you the worst hands possible. In this episode, you’ll learn how he built his most successful businesses and the mistakes he made in the process. Tunein to find out how to grow your financial capital from ground zero through investing, saving, and building a successful company! 

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1:30 - Ryan describes the abuse he endured as a childhood and how it led to his family losing all his money  2:57 - Ryan explains his view on suffering and the lessons he’s gained from his challenges  4:48 - Ryan talks about how schools fail to teach students to be entrepreneurs  8:26 - Ryan tells us about his first mentor and how he started trading stocks  11:19 - Ryan explains why people try to tear him down  12:01 - Ryan reveals what he looks for in potential employees and friends  13:13 - Ryan talks about his first company and becoming a millionaire 15:13 - Ryan describes how he designs businesses and the value of starting businesses for the purpose of exiting them  17:43 - Ryan explains the importance of hiring great employees and partnering with the right people 19:18 - Ryan reveals the importance of growth and how to strike the right balance between profit growth and revenue growth   21:10 - Ryan talks about selling your business at the right time  23:36 - Ryan describes the importance of failure  27:20- Ryan talks about how to build a successful Return on Investment strategy  30:41- Ryan describes how he connects spirituality to entrepreneurship  32:45 - Ryan explains the difference between a conscious company and an unconscious company  34:14 - Ryan talks about his desire to be catalyst in the marketplace with AlterCall  37:32 - Ryan reveals his current relationship with money, saving, and investments  39:04 - Ryan explains his secrets to profiting in life 39:35 - Ryan talks about how he is constantly learning and documenting the lessons he learns

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Ryan’s first book, Everything To again, Nothing To Lose:  Ryan’s newest company, AlterCall: Ryan’s Instagram: @RealRyanBlair Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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